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Video Transfer To DVD or Memory Stick

*Please ensure your TV can playback mp4 video files from memory sticks

To DVD - each tape of any format (VHS, Betamax, Camcorder)

Tape length up to and including 2 hours - £20.00

Over 2 hours - (each additional hour or part of) - £5.00

Additional copies of DVD - £12.00 per DVD Disc

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To Memory Stick - each tape of any format (VHS, Betamax, Camcorder)

Tape length up to and including 2 hours - £20.00

Over 2 hours - (each additional hour or part of) - £5.00

Cost of Memory Stick - £10.00 (Holds approx 8 hours of video)


We believe in being totally fair with our prices so if your tape lasts for 2 hours 5 minutes, we certainly won't turn around and say it's gone over the 2 hour limit, therefore charging you more. We don't run our business this way.

A minimum deposit of £10 is payable without exception and if the order is anything above £60 then it will require a 25% deposit.

We specialise in transferring video tapes (all types from different camera brands) to DVD, or a digital format on memory stick, for easier viewing. Also video from memory cards & mobile phones.

Unlike some companies who offer this service, we do not simply stick your tape into a piece of hardware and not even bother checking the finished result. For example, some will try to squeeze as many hours as possible onto a single disc thinking it will look acceptable but the truth is it will look far from it. The sad part is that many customers will be led into thinking that their video tape must have looked this poor before it was copied.

The maximum amount of video that can be copied to a single layer DVD whilst still having good quality is 2 hours (a few extra minutes over this is still ok). Anyone who claims they can fit 4 or 5 hours on a single disc simply has no idea what they are talking about or they just don't care.

If we were transferring a tape (let's say a 3 hour wedding and reception video) then it will be put onto two discs. The entire tape will be copied at maximum quality and then we will find a suitable point to split the footage (in this case the ceremony on one disc and the reception on the second disc). Each disc is then appropriately named and printed on and both discs will be contained in a double disc DVD case.

Another example might be a tape that contains a family sitting around unwrapping Christmas presents.

Let's say it runs for almost 4 hours (lots of presents obviously), then in this scenario a quiet section inbetween the unwrapping would be used to create the edit point at which it would be divided into separate discs.

So you see, this is not simply a straight forward production line process, it includes thought and hands on operation. If you want a cheep and cheerful "blind" copy, there are plenty who offer this but we do not cater for this kind of work.

Although this should be a transfer only service (especially at these prices), we realise you don't want to sit watching a blank screen so we will even edit out long sections of the tape that may contain black or snowy parts. If we notice overly long sections where you have filmed your own feet walking around, we will remove that also. This is definitely not the service you would receive even from many of the so-called high street specialists . . . who surprisingly aren't that special.

Things to check.


Has your tape been recorded in Long Play mode?

If so, that 4 hour tape sitting in your drawer could end up having 8 hours of video on it and would run up a bill of £50.00. Don't worry, we would let you know before we copied it.

Is the tape completely blank?

Obviously you don't want a copy of a blank tape but unfortunately we can't sit checking through a carrier bag of tapes for nothing either. Even if a tape starts off blank it might not be that way right through to the end, so we will check it all by visually fast forwarding. This will be charged at £5.00 per tape.

If there is something on it that can be transferred (even the last 5 minutes) then we will go ahead and do the transfer at the normal price (and no, you won't be charged the £5.00 checking fee in case you wondered).

And to put your mind at rest further, The Morcambe & Wise Christmas Special or Coronation Street wouldn't be classed as worth copying at the end of a blank tape so you won't get stung there either.

What if my tape Is damaged?

Tape damage can be repaired depending on the severity. If the outer cassette is broken, the tape will need to be lifted out into another shell. Creased tape can be cut and spliced together but you will lose picture content obviously. Some tapes (8mm, mini DV and Digital 8) are more difficult as the player will notice any changes and attempt to eject it. A standard charge of £15.00 applies to any successful tape repair. Cassettes that are unlikely to be repaired will not be charged for. After the repair, the standard transfer charge will then still apply.


Please don't throw your tapes away after having them transferred. Wrap them up, pop them in a box and store them in the loft. Why? You might lose the DVD or scratch it and you will be left with no memories at all.

Unfortunately your tapes and finished work can't be stored with us forever. Any work that has not been collected after 6 calendar months will be (and sadly has been) disposed of. Even then, we still think about the customer because tapes are either erased or burned and discs broken in two. This is to prevent your personal images ending up on Youtube or You've Been Framed.

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