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Cine Film Transfer To DVD or Memory Stick

Our pricing structure for cine is the same cost per foot for 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm or 35mm

8mm Cine Film.jpg

Minimum Order Charge on all Cine Film Transfers is £25.00

£25.00 up to and including the first 100ft of film, then £10.00 per additional 50ft

Additional copies of DVD

£12.00 per DVD Disc

Transfers to Memory Stick - Prices as above plus only £10.00 for the memory stick *

* PLEASE NOTE: Some TV's can be temperamental with memory sticks and only replay files up to and including

4 Gigabytes (this file format is known as FAT32 and it will be stated in your instruction manual).

Some of your films may result in files larger than this 4 Gigabyte limit and will need to be produced in a format

known as exFAT.  However, your TV may not accept this format. Again, this will be stated in your instructions.

As a guide, 17 minutes of continuous cine film will be equal to around 4 Gigabytes. If the above has you confused,

don't worry as I can advise you over the phone.

We can transfer the following gauges of film

Regular 8mm (also called Standard 8)

Super 8mm




A minimum deposit of £15 is payable without exception and if the order totals more than £60 then it will require a 25% deposit.

Just For Your Interest (No - You Don't Need To Read This)

Because the width of your film doesn't determine the price of the transfer (remember, it's the total length you are paying for) you don't really need to be too concerned with the gauge. But if you are interested to find out more, see below.


Most amateur home movies that came back from the processors were supplied on small 3 inch diameter spools in a yellow paper packet. These contained 50ft of film but many enthusiasts would join these together to fit on larger spools which meant that the show could last longer. The example below is for spool sizes of 8mm film.

Spool Guide.jpg

Regular 8mm (aka Standard 8) is exactly the same width as Super 8mm. The only difference is that the holes along the edge of Super 8 are smaller, allowing for a bigger picture area. This would supposedly give a better picture but as Super 8 cameras became more advanced with extra gadgets, cost cutting meant that the lenses were usually inferior to their Standard 8 counter parts and many times the Standard 8 image would win on quality.

8mm Comparison.jpg


9.5mm Film.jpg

If your film has holes running down the middle instead of the edge then you have 9.5mm. This gauge was introduced in 1922 by Pathe and yes, there are still collectors out there who love it. This is a much rarer gauge than the rest so chances are this will not be the one you are having transferred, but you never know.


16mm Silent.png
16mm Sound.jpg

Now we are moving up to the semi-professional gauge and as the name suggests it is twice the width of 8mm. Even feature films were shot on this gauge because of the excellent picture quality (Evil Dead 1981 and more recently the first two seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Not many amateurs could afford this choice of filmstock but it still comes in for transfer from time to time.

The far left strip of film with holes running down both sides is silent film and the one on the right with only one set of holes is sound film.


Here is the largest format we can transfer. The filmstock that we all went to the cinema to watch until the industry went completely digital.

Because of the sheer size of this film, the picture quality is superb. Remember watching "The Ten Commandments" or "Grease"? Well this is what it would have been projected on. Although not many customers bring in a roll of 35mm for transferring we can proudly boast that we converted a reel of film for the great grandaughter of William Friese Greene back in the mid 90's (The very pioneer of motion picture photography). How ironic!

A film was made about his life story in 1951 called "The Magic Box" starring Robert Donat and if you have never seen it, it's definitely worth watching.

Kinoton FP20.jpg
Magic Box Poster.jpg
35mm Film.jpg

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