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VistaClean Film Cleaner

VistaClean Film Cleaner

Perfect for all film gauges and formats

VistaClean works with all film gauges and formats, even magnetically striped film.


Perfect for the collector

VistaClean is the easy solution to use for preserving your film collection. Protect your treasured prints from warping and brittleness caused by dry storage conditions!



Not all film cleaners are what they appear and can actually

end up damaging your film. Do you know that certain types

of cleaner will even dissolve the later magnetic paste stripe

that Derann applied to their prints after Kodak ceased

manufacturing pre-striped stock in 1997!


Cleans, Lubricates, Coats and Protects

ALL Motion Picture Film


VistaClean protects your new prints and keeps them

looking like the day you bought them, even if they are run

many times. It also cleans up old films beautifully!


VistaClean works by getting rid of dust and debris off the film

and then treating it with a slick protective sheen, ensuring hundreds of viewings free of dirt, and annoying scratches.

  • How To Use

    Apply VistaClean to a clean, soft, lint free cloth (or high quality white roll) and  allow the film to pass through it using gentle pressure.

    Fold the cloth over the film so that both sides (emulsion and base) are coated at the same time.

    If the film is very dirty, repeatedly turn the cloth so that the build up of dirt does not contaminate the remaining footage.

    Do not soak the film but apply a smooth even coating.

    As with all film cleaners and preservatives, it is recommended to use latex gloves so to prevent any allergic reaction.

    Safe to use on magnetic striped film as well as silent film stock.

    VistaClean will not dry out and your films will have a shiny appearance. This is normal.

    Avoid use in a confined space and always ensure you have sufficient ventilation.

  • Postage Option

    Ensure you select "Film Cleaner" as the postage option at checkout

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