The Ghost Train - Super 8mm 400ft B/W Sound

The Ghost Train - Super 8mm 400ft B/W Sound

Tommy Gander (Arthur Askey), a vaudeville comedian, pulls the communication cord on a GWR express train, bringing it to a stop so he can retrieve his hat. Returning to the train, he escapes an angry conductor by ducking into a compartment occupied by attractive blonde Jackie Winthrop (Carole Lynne), with whom Gander flirts. Another passenger, Teddy (Richard Murdoch), has his eye on Jackie as well, but her companion Richard Winthrop (Peter Murray-Hill) ejects both of them from the compartment.

When the train stops at Fal Vale Junction, Cornwall, these four get off to change trains, as do Herbert (Stuart Latham) and his fiancée Edna (Betty Jardine), spinster Miss Bourne (Kathleen Harrison), and the tippling Dr. Sterling (Morland Graham). However, the stationmaster, Saul Hodgkin (Herbert Lomas) tells them the last Truro-bound train has gone, and that they cannot remain at the station, as he is locking up for the night. The passengers insist on staying, as it is raining heavily and the nearest village is four miles away.


A very rare find in this condensed version.


Mint condition print with great contrast, sharpness and excellent sound. Original box with artwork in very good condition.