Sankyo Stereo 800 - Super 8mm Sound Cine Projector
  • Sankyo Stereo 800 - Super 8mm Sound Cine Projector

    Not only are decent quality projectors getting harder to come by these days, but to come across a flagship projector that is in immaculate condition with positive signs of virtually no use . . . well that's even harder.

    Here at ES Photographics, we are more than particular about the quality of second hand cine projectors, which is why we don't sell that many because they are not easy to be found. But when we do find one, that's an entirely different story.


    This Sankyo 800 is simply beautiful and even the plastic coverings are still intact over the front badge, rear in/out sockets and the main description panel. The rubber feet have no scuff marks, as it clearly has hardly been used, and the lens is pristine. There is no crackle from the volume & tone knobs and the soundhead probes (and respective soundhead pressers) have absolutely no sign of wear or even oxide dust from the playing of films. The main white plastic fan doesn't even have signs of dust which is a main giveaway to it's lack of use.


    Film threading is flawless and never misses a beat (of course you need a good condition leader) and the light on the screen is very bright due to the 15v 150w lamp.


    The projector has been thoroughly tested by projecting a handful of films both in forward and reverse running and the rewind works perfectly also.


    It comes complete with the original 800ft take up spool and the microphone. Full specifications can be found below:


    UK Shipping £20.00 (Collection also available)

    Overseas shipping: Please ask for a quote


    lens: Sankyo Zoom f: 1.4 \ F: 15-25 mm

    lamp: 150 W, 15 V, EFR

    lamp settings: High, Low

    reel capacity: 240 m

    projection: forward, reverse

    projection speed: 18, 24 fps, by selector switch

    film counter: 4 digit (1 unit per 18 frames)

    film loading: automatic threading

    sound: magnetic playback on both sound tracks

    mode: mono, duo, stereo

    VU meter: yes

    amplifier: 13 IC, 11 Silicon Transistors, 14 Diodes

    amplifier output: Maximum 15 W + 15 W, rated 10 W + 10 W (at 6 Ohm)

    frequency response: ?

    public adress: yes

    sound recording: magnetic recording on both tracks

    sound-on-sound: and sound fading

    recording level control: auto and manual

    mixing: available

    track-to-track transference: available

    input terminal: Microphone (R&L), Line-in (R&L), DIN (R&L)

    input jacks: Mic and Line: mini-jack; DIN: 5-pin plug (European type)

    output terminal: Earphone (R&L), Line Out (R&L), DIN, Ext Speaker (R&L)

    output jacks: Earphone: max-jack (6.5 mm diameter); Line Out: mini-jack; DIN: 5-pin plug (European type)

    built-in speakers: 2 x 10 cm diameter speakers, 2 W/8 Ohm

    motor: frequency conntrolled DC magnetic motor

    power source: 100-110-117-125-200-220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 290 W

    weight: 10,600 g

    dimensions: 226 x 226 x 234 mm

    made in Japan by Sankyo