Sankyo OMS-650 - Super 8mm Optical & Magnetic Sound Cine Projector
  • Sankyo OMS-650 - Super 8mm Optical & Magnetic Sound Cine Projector

    Here is a bit of a rarity for those of you who like the added feature of optical sound reproduction from Super 8mm film but prefer the film path of the Sankyo's as opposed to Elmo.


    Built on the same chassis as the ever reliable Sankyo 700, this projector has the best of both worlds. In fact, it makes you wonder how they managed to cram everything in there. The reproduction from optical film is as crisp and clear as you can wish for and it is selected by the mere flick off a switch.


    Here at ES Photographics, we are more than particular about the quality of second hand cine projectors, which is why we don't sell that many because they are not easy to be found. But when we do find one, that's an entirely different story.


    The projector has been thoroughly tested by projecting a handful of films both in forward and reverse running and the rewind works perfectly also.


    It comes complete with the original 600ft take up spool, mains lead and instruction book.

    Full specifications can be found below:


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    super 8 mm film

    lens: Sankyo Zoom f: 1.4 \ F: 15-25 mm

    lamp: 100 W, 12 V, EFP

    reel capacity: 240 m

    projection: forward, reverse

    projection speed: 18, 24 fps, by selector switch

    film counter: yes

    film loading: automatic threading

    sound: magnetic and optical playback on main sound track

    sound mode: mono, duo

    amplifier: transistorized

    amplifier output: 4 W (8 Ohm)

    frequency response: ?

    VU meter: recording can be monitored with VU meter

    sound recording: magnetic recording on main track

    sound-on-sound: yes

    recording level control: auto and manual

    input terminal: Microphone, Phono, DIN

    input jacks: Mic, Pho: 3.5 mm diameter jack; DIN: 5-pin DIN (European type)

    output terminal: Monitor, Line-out, DIN, External Speaker (8 Ohm)

    output jacks: Monitor, Line-out: 3.5 mm diameter jack; Ext Sp: 6.5 mm diameter jack; DIN: Line-in: 5-pin DIN (European type)

    built-in speaker: 2 W (8 Ohm)

    motor: magnetic motor

    power source: 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 140 W

    weight: circa 9000 g

    dimensions: 190 x 224 x 324 mm

    made in Japan by Sankyo