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Motor Mounts for Eumig 8mm Projectors (Pair)
  • Motor Mounts for Eumig 8mm Projectors (Pair)

    The original motor mounts on Eumig projectors using the friction disc drive mechanism, have usually deteriorated by now. This causes the motor to drop resulting in a loud scraping noise as the fan (attached to the motor) hits the metal cowling below. In addition to this, forward and reverse direction will be lost, rendering the projector useless. These high density heat resistant mounts are a convenient and cheap way to get your machine back to life. Note: The original mounts used a bronze bushing and this is no longer required. Simply remove the original damaged parts and insert these replacements and your projector will be operational once more.


    Fits the following projectors


    Eumig Mark 8
    Eumig Mark DL
    Eumig Mark M
    Eumig Mark S
    Eumig Mark S 706
    Eumig Mark S 709
    Eumig Mark S 710
    Eumig Mark S 712
    Eumig Sound 800
    Eumig Mark S 802
    Eumig Mark S 807
    Eumig Mark S 810
    Eumig 820 Sonomatic
    Eumig 824 Sonomatic

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