Elmo K100-SM Dual Gauge 8mm Projector
  • Elmo K100-SM Dual Gauge 8mm Projector

    Here we have a very easy to use dual gauge Silent projector that can handle Super 8mm, Standard 8mm (or Regular 8 as it is sometimes called) and Single 8. Single 8mm film is identical to Super 8mm, the only difference was in the camera system that was used for filming.


    Here at ES Photographics, we are more than particular about the quality of second hand cine projectors, which is why we don't sell that many because they are not easy to be found. But when we do find one, that's an entirely different story.


    This K100-SM has a bright 12v 100 watt lamp which is readily available from us should you need to order a spare at anytime in the future.


    Brand new belts have been fitted and the machine has been thoroughly tested in all aspects and we can happily state it is flawless. There is a variable speed adjuster and it even has the ability of projecting at one third normal speed without any flicker at all. It will also project still frames (though at reduced brightness so as not to burn the film).


    Complete with original box, though slightly on the tatty side, take up spool, mains lead and gate cleaning brush. It even comes with it's original soft dust cover which is still folded and unused. The original instruction book is also included.


    The projector has been thoroughly tested by projecting a handful of films both in forward and reverse running and the rewind works perfectly also.


    UK Shipping £15.00 (Collection also available)

    Overseas shipping: Please ask for a quote


    standard 8 mm \ super 8 mm film

    change format: by lever slide

    lens: Elmo Super Zoom f: 1.4 \ F: 15-25 mm

    lamp: 100 W, 12 V, EFP

    reel capacity: 120 m

    projection: forward, reverse

    projection speed: 14 to 24 fps, variable speed selector

    variable speed control: by rheostat

    film loading: automatic threading

    manual unloading: possible

    sound: no

    recording: no

    built-in cutter: yes

    motor: DC magnetic motor

    power source: ? V AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W

    weight: 6500 g

    dimensions: 185 x 235 x 290 mm

    made in Japan by Elmo