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Photo Restoration & Enhancement

A selection of the work we can undertake to improve your photographs. Spend time viewing these, because not only is it interesting to see what can be done to a photograph, it can be amusing too.


Remember that NOTHING can actually be removed from a picture. Instead, the object being removed has to be painted over with whatever should be there originally. A small handbag left on the grass in a group photo can be removed in minutes by painting it out with more grass but some photographs become a work of art.


The most difficult scenario is when there is nothing there, which means you have to use your imagination and paint in what you think it would have looked like.

The two heads in the background were removed in this photograph and the overall contrast improved.

Example 1: Spot the difference

Example 2: Crease removal

So many creases to remove! But several hours

later with sharpness increased as well as contrast.

Remove Heads in Pub.gif
Ronnie's Dad.gif

Example 3: More than meets the eye

This paper photograph had turned pink over the years but as well as restoring it back to its natural colour, the following elements were removed before it went to print in the local press. Telephone poles and wires, tyre tracks on the road, satellite dish, tv aerial and finally a central scuff mark.

Example 4: Digital building makeover

As well as having to remove the car, bus stop, telegraph pole and clipped cables to the wall, this photograph proved to be more difficult than first estimated. The lettering on the side of the wall had to be added individually where the pole covered it up. Notice too that the hedge was extended and the bus shelter moved.

Wheel In Carvery.gif
Wheel Inn Snow.gif

Example 5: Tear repair

Mum Aged 18.gif

An old torn photograph of my mother aged 18 in 1937. In addition to guessing how her hair might have looked and painting it in, a new marble effect background was inserted before turning the sepia image to black and white and increasing the contrast.

Example 6: Tape removal

Tom in Boat.gif

A very badly damaged photo of my mothers' husband rowing a boat with his friend. The worse thing that could have happened to this print is the fact that it had been sellotaped back together (which makes any restoration work more difficult). Finally, once again contrast was increased.

Example 7: More than meets the eye

The Dorchester may be a bit up market for a wedding reception but even their car park looks less than romantic. Objects removed here include lines on the tarmac, a van and two ventilation units before inreasing the brightness of the underexposed photo.

Hotel-Road-Markings 2.gif

Example 8: Digital building makeover

And finally. The only photo this bride had with her father and his eyes were closed. After looking through the remaining pictures, a more suitable expression was found and instead of attempting to change the facial features, the entire head was transplanted.

Head Replaced.gif
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